Make the web anonymous! I am a menace to society Benis Librewolf/Webbrowser/Ungoogled-Chromium/idk Funny email lol I am god Microsoft can suck my dick Lets make personal websites a thing again Bless yout terminal/TTY with my nonsensical rants and bullshit Install Gentoo Install Gentoo (again) GOD DAMMIT NVIDIA Encrypt your shit Zuck is always watching Written in the most based editor I HATTE LIGHT THEME I HATTE LIGHT THEME I HATTE LIGHT THEME I HATTE LIGHT THEME Lets get rid of those browser specific CSS things shall we?

Welcome To Hell!

First things first, i built this fuckin page with firefox first in mind, and tested it only on Librewolf, and my mobile browser of choice, FOSSBrowser. if you have complaints please let me know and maybe even fix it for me with a pull request if you have enough shits to give.

Now, onto the real shit.

The government is lying to you and everything you see around you is a great big conspiracy made by the beareau of lizard peo- Wait no, wrong notecard.

Hello, my name is Lucas, but on the internet i go by LucasVL because of my cool last name wich is [REDACTED]. My favorite hobbies are living in your walls, writing useless shitty programs in random languages that look cool to me, maintaining this website, messing around with random things on my Gentoo linux system, doing your mom, and watching whatever show i find that looks interesting.

Im gonna use this website for hosting projects, services, rants, and ideas. Expect the page to be down every once in a while, im not perfect and unless your name is Ella you sure as hell arent too so shut the fuck up and stop pestering me about "oh no muh converse JS is down hurr durr your Bitburner instance is outdated" news flash, I DONT GIVE A SHIT. if a part of the website is down, i probably already know about it, and will put a note in the "down" section. if the entire fucking thing is down then ive either given up or im doing something that requires NGINX to be shut down for a bit, quit your fucking whining.

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